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Month: January 2016

The Religion of Politics and Vice Versa part 2.

Watching the debates and what is happening in the political area I realized that I am an old fuddy duddy.  In my circles we have been talking about what we see unfolding around us for at least 20 years.  What we saw coming down the pike those many years ago was the possibility of an institutional religion in which we were constantly shuffling back-and-forth between one set of priorities, principles, emphasis, programs, and activities, that would somehow align us altogether in the one holy Christian Apostolic Church. What we saw coming was the gradual push of Christianity out of the central place in American life, if it ever was there in the first place, to a menu driven society in which church was one of many options that people could pick and choose from. In that nightmare scenario preaching better be excellent, liturgy better be involving an enlightening and memorable. In other words preachers had better be the best they can be, and congregations had better follow suit. Or to put it another way, congregations better be the best they can be, and they need to force their called ministers to do the same. What we also foresaw was a coming system whereby politics would become the new religion. Luther had his struggles with a definition of what “is” means, I wonder if he could’ve foreseen having a president...

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The Religion of Politics and Vice Versa.

I liked the sentiment of this sign until I realized it wasn’t about me.  I suffer from the great disease that we have been infested with for generations and that is that “it” whatever “it” is  always about us. We are hearing it again in Iowa.  The people back home want politicians to go to Washington and get things done for them.  The ruling class would be very upset if voters said “please go back to Washington and do nothing”but after listening to what passes for debates and the breathless nonsense uttered by some pundits, I have started to notice a fear that is creeping into the more thoughtful of the political class.  When I say political class I mean the so called establishment on both sides of the aisle.  Both sides have contributed in their own way to the secularization of society to the point where the government has replaced God.  I am getting the sense that both sides are starting to fear what they hath wrought. Jefferson once said that “any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have”.  The established class has always gotten along with Democrats giving away stuff and the Republicans saying they shouldn’t.  Then the Republicans are accused of hating the old and the infirm and lame and halt and blind.  Then the Republicans...

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Project 24, Missions, and Catechesis

Yesterday I wrote this – Rachel Meyer, a missionary serving in Taiwan, will be coming to our Rongo site and assisting the school for two weeks.  She presently serves as a missionary teacher, so she will be bringing her skills to Rongo;  helping in the classrooms, teaching music, as well as assisting the deaconess in Catechesis  Instruction.   Some one asked about catechesis and what that meant.  Missions involves planting churches.  We believe that Lutheran Missions means planting Lutheran churches.  When churches are planted then indigenous churches are formed and eventually become independent and they become partner churches.  The LCMS has always been big on education and catechetical instruction and that means preparing folks for the Lords’ Supper.  Sometimes partner churches ask fro assistance in training for folks who teach the catechism. Detlev Schulz in his book Mission From the Cross published by CPH explains the formation of catechesis in a mission context. “Although the Lord’s Supper is not a “missionary” sacrament as Baptism is, it gives a public testimony to the world that something special is taking place amid the believers. There is an exclusivity experienced with the celebration of the Eucharist that cannot permit all newcomers indiscriminately to the table without ascertaining who they are and from what background they come. For the Eucharist is a sacrament reserved for those who are baptized and instructed. In this...

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Project 24 and Meyers

 Rachel Meyer, a missionary serving in Taiwan, will be coming to our Rongo site and assisting the school for two weeks.  She presently serves as a missionary teacher, so she will be bringing her skills to Rongo;  helping in the classrooms, teaching music, as well as assisting the deaconess in Catechesis  Instruction.  I don’t know if she is from Minnesota or not, While the children at the Project 24 sites were away on holiday during the month of December, this was the opportune time for the site managers to continue with their renovations and sustainability projects.  How did they do?  They all did very well!  We were happy to receive great reports from each site, showing us that the monies received were put to good use.  The reports included:  cows producing milk for the children, chicken houses constructed, new computers purchased for their offices, painting and repairs done on furniture and buildings, new stoves purchased, storage facilities built, clean water made available and planting of new crops.  John Kissinger, our Project 24 director, was also able to visit each site and talk with each site manager.  This was a great opportunity for the site managers to showcase their progress and share their future goals for their site. Also, this month, a Catechetical Club Steering Committee was formed and they had their first meeting.  This committee will now be in...

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Minnesota Missionaries at Project 24 Sites

We love touting the Minnesota North and North Dakota connections on this site The Meyers grew up on farms in west central Minnesota. Linda graduated from Concordia College in St. Paul, MN, with a degree in elementary education. Delano graduated from North Dakota State School of Science with an associate degree in civil engineering. The Meyers farmed in Minnesota from 1973-1993. From 1994-2000 the Meyers served as agricultural missionaries and missionary counselors in Ghana, West Africa. During 2000-2003 Delano was the LCMS area director for the English-speaking countries of West and southern Africa. Here is a report from the Project 24 managers. Collaboration is Key This year marks the beginning of our collaboration with short term missionaries serving at our Project 24 sites.  A few weeks ago, we were happy to receive Delano and Linda Meyer, former career missionaries who now come to Kenya once a year to teach agricultural practices to local farmers.  In their most recent visit, they were able to come to three of our sites:  Rongo, Othoro and Tumaini.  These two sites are now growing  their own crops to help feed the children as well as create sustainability for their programs.  Delano and Linda gave instruction to not only the board of management, Southwest Diocese leadership, site managers and caregivers but also to the children and congregants of the local church.  This helps the children...

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