We love touting the Minnesota North and North Dakota connections on this site The Meyers grew up on farms in west central Minnesota. Linda graduated from Concordia College in St. Paul, MN, with a degree in elementary education. Delano graduated from North Dakota State School of Science with an associate degree in civil engineering. The Meyers farmed in Minnesota from 1973-1993. From 1994-2000 the Meyers served as agricultural missionaries and missionary counselors in Ghana, West Africa. During 2000-2003 Delano was the LCMS area director for the English-speaking countries of West and southern Africa.

Here is a report from the Project 24 managers.

Collaboration is Key This year marks the beginning of our collaboration with short term missionaries serving at our Project 24 sites.  A few weeks ago, we were happy to receive Delano and Linda Meyer, former career missionaries who now come to Kenya once a year to teach agricultural practices to local farmers.  In their most recent visit, they were able to come to three of our sites:  Rongo, Othoro and Tumaini.  These two sites are now growing  their own crops to help feed the children as well as create sustainability for their programs.  Delano and Linda gave instruction to not only the board of management, Southwest Diocese leadership, site managers and caregivers but also to the children and congregants of the local church.  This helps the children and local community be responsible and learn how to grow their own food, which is very common for people who live in this area.   Next month, Rachel Meyer, a missionary serving in Taiwan, will be coming to our Rongo site and assisting the school for two weeks.  She presently serves as a missionary teacher, so she will be bringing her skills to Rongo;  helping in the classrooms, teaching music, as well as assisting the deaconess in Catechesis  Instruction. We are truly blessed to have these short term visitors come and be a part of the development and training at our Project 24 sites.