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Month: May 2016

LWML’s will be convening –

May 29 The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League North Dakota District Convention will be held June 24-26 in Jamestown with the theme, “Rejoice in God’s Bounty.” Registration will begin at 12 noon on Friday, June 24 at the Jamestown Civic Center, with servant events, choir practice and a delegate meeting in the afternoon followed by a fellowship dinner and worship service at 7:00 pm at Concordia Lutheran Church. All women, spouses and guests are invited to attend any or all of the convention. The registration form can be found at or talk to your LWML unit president. Blocks of rooms at local hotels are being held for you to reserve. The list of hotels is found on the website.  Hope to see you in Jamestown. Minnesota North Convention will be June 20-22 in Willmar MN Share this on:...

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Memorial Day

I am always haunted by an image of a young man who I assume came from the prairies and working the soil, to stand guard on a palm lined shore in a place that he probably couldn’t find on a map.  I never see his face.  He stands in silhouette against a setting sun.  The image comes to my mind because my father and several gentlemen that I have known well had served in the Pacific during WWII.  The fields of France and Germany would have been familiar to them so the South Pacific brings to my mind the strangeness of their situation.  It is not war that is strange.  Human beings have been killing each other since antediluvian days usually because of greed and the jealous desire to have what someone else has.  The pure cussedness of human beings makes war inevitable.  The strangeness of their situation is that plucked away from family and friends, and transported halfway around the world to fight and perhaps die, most of them did it willingly.  Today all who serve do it willingly. I would be remiss not to mention the women who served.  In my family I have several women relatives who attained high rank in the military during WWII.  I remember trying to get some history from these ladies at a family reunion and their response was that they didn’t do anything particularly...

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Men – Not God’s

  So the President of the United States tells all who will listen that foreign rulers are “rattled” by Donald Trump.  There is an interesting discussion going on in some circles that ask a fascinating  question – after 8 years of being confused, ignored, lied to and stabbed in the back as allies, or coddled, apologized to and fawned over if you are our enemies, can being “rattled” be such a bad thing?. There are all kinds of chicken little speeches and apocalyptic language being used by, as Douglas MacArthur called them, ‘temporary functionaries holding office”.  The number of people who are beginning to realize that Government usually does more harm than good is growing but so is the number who see it as a Savior.  The number who just want to be left alone remains seemingly stagnant. Big events can be frightening and fear mongering is a classic political ploy.  Luther had some interesting comments to Christian’s who were depressed about how badly things were going for them as Christian’s.  Luther commented on the verses in Psalm 2 that talk about nations raging and the kings of the earth plotting against God and against His Christ.  We have talked before about the fact that governments by nature must get to the point where they are god.  That is why religion must be kept in the private sector and be a personal...

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Spoiler Alert.

There is nothing worse than reading a book and someone tells you the end of it before you get there.  Same with a movie that you want to see and someone tells you how it ends before you see it.  Because of the proliferation of information today we invented a phrase – spoiler alert. spoil·er a·lert noun noun: spoiler alert; plural noun: spoiler alerts (in a discussion or review of a film, book, television drama, etc.) a warning that an important detail of the plot development is about to be revealed. “the third season ended (spoiler alert if you don’t want to know) with the intervention of a ‘lady in red’” Pastor Baneck the North Dakota District Presidet writes sentences that we can put in bulletins for all to read.  Next week there is a particularly important announcement so if you want to wait until next Sunday this is a spoiler alert – if not read on. We are the North Dakota District – The District Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) Convention is this month, June 24-26, in Jamestown.  The LWML is a great blessing to the ND District, especially with the many faithful women who cherish God’s Word and desire to be faithful servants of the Lord in their many and various vocations.  We are also thankful for the LMWL mission grants, which totaled $76,000 for 2014-26.  These grants...

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Delivering the Promise.

Sitting outside the hotel room where we stayed in Wisconsin I watched a truck drive by that had a huge slogan on the trailer that read, “Helping the World Keep Promises”.  That is a great attention getter.  There is something evocative about watching an 18 wheeler going around the block in circles obviously looking for someplace to make a delivery and wondering what promise might not be kept if the driver gets lost.  I was so struck by the motto that I googled it and found out it is the old dominion freight company. What a marvelous phrase. “Helping the World keep promises”. I think of all the promises made an implied in the Scriptures. And implied promise not to eat a certain kind of fruit. And implied promise to fear love and trust in God above all things. And implied promise to hear Gods word and respond to it as a loved creature, and all the imply promises that went with that promise. A promise made before crossing into the promised land that as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Promises of faithfulness, and fidelity, and hope all broken.  We made promises as pastors. To preach the word in season and out of season, to take care of the flock over which we see, and to rightly divide the word of truth. Great and...

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