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Month: May 2016

LWML’s will be convening –

May 29 The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League North Dakota District Convention will be held June 24-26 in Jamestown with the theme, “Rejoice in God’s Bounty.” Registration will begin at 12 noon on Friday, June 24 at the...

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Memorial Day

I am always haunted by an image of a young man who I assume came from the prairies and working the soil, to stand guard on a palm lined shore in a place that he probably couldn’t find on a map.  I never see his face.  He...

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Men – Not God’s

  So the President of the United States tells all who will listen that foreign rulers are “rattled” by Donald Trump.  There is an interesting discussion going on in some circles that ask a fascinating  question...

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Spoiler Alert.

There is nothing worse than reading a book and someone tells you the end of it before you get there.  Same with a movie that you want to see and someone tells you how it ends before you see it.  Because of the proliferation of...

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Delivering the Promise.

Sitting outside the hotel room where we stayed in Wisconsin I watched a truck drive by that had a huge slogan on the trailer that read, “Helping the World Keep Promises”.  That is a great attention getter.  There is something...

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