There is nothing worse than reading a book and someone tells you the end of it before you get there.  Same with a movie that you want to see and someone tells you how it ends before you see it.  Because of the proliferation of information today we invented a phrase – spoiler alert.

spoil·er a·lert
noun: spoiler alert; plural noun: spoiler alerts
  1. (in a discussion or review of a film, book, television drama, etc.) a warning that an important detail of the plot development is about to be revealed.
    “the third season ended (spoiler alert if you don’t want to know) with the intervention of a ‘lady in red’”

Pastor Baneck the North Dakota District Presidet writes sentences that we can put in bulletins for all to read.  Next week there is a particularly important announcement so if you want to wait until next Sunday this is a spoiler alert – if not read on.

We are the North Dakota District – The District Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) Convention is this month, June 24-26, in Jamestown.  The LWML is a great blessing to the ND District, especially with the many faithful women who cherish God’s Word and desire to be faithful servants of the Lord in their many and various vocations.  We are also thankful for the LMWL mission grants, which totaled $76,000 for 2014-26.  These grants can be seen on  Blessings on your convention, LWML!  – Pastor Baneck, DP