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Month: July 2016

The Joys of Getting Old.

I found this picture a while back and it made me realize how old I am getting.  The picture was taken a few years back when a group of us traveled to see the Project 24 site called Udom.  Jamison Hardy (left) who is now the District President of the English District of the LCMS, a Deaconess at the Udom site, James Wolf who was elected to the Board for International Missions this summer and in the background trying to read a piece of paper is yours truly. I was going to say that there are no joys to getting old but looking back at this time that is not true.  I have been blessed to see some great things and be in some great places and meet some amazing people.  The experiences that I had with folks like Jamison and  Mr. Wolf were not only fun but instructive and inspirational.  James Wolf climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for orphan support.  It is not something that an old man like me might try, but it is inspirational none the less. Share this on:...

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Mercy, Justice, Humility……

Theodore Laetsch was a professor many years ago in the LCMS.  He died in 1962.  Another Professor named Herbert Mayer wrote of him, “His courses in pastoral theology seemed to assume that the typical congregation which his students would serve was well-disciplined and solidly loyal to Lutheran traditions. The essays which he collected and edited in The Abidi1bg Word represented the quintessence of the legacy of Francis Pieper. He was, in a sense, a last representative of a great tradition of theologians of The Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod.”  (CTM, March 1963) I have been enjoying reading his studies on many things and Concordia Publishing House has published many of his writings and to them we owe a great debt. Here is Laetsch at his best as he writes about “The Prophets and Political and Social Problems” – The prophets were not satisfied with a merely negative denunciation and condemnation of existing social evils. Their proclamation was at the same time a constructive one, declaring very clear and well-defined principles, which were to guide their people in their social relations, and offering a very definite plan, which would enable Israel to carry them out. The principles underlying the proper social relations are briefly but quite comprehensively summarized by Micah in the well-known words “He hath showed thee, 0 man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee but...

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Vestibules of the Mansions Above.

Vestibule of the Winter Palace The Epistle lesson for Sunday comes from Colossians 3 where Paul says our lives as Christians are hidden with Christ in God.  A commentary from Theodore Laetsch has this delightful little picture of a vestibule of eternal life.  Our mercy and mission and witness is a waiting room, a foyer into life everlasting.  Here he is – “With this Christ our life is hidden in God. Christians live in Christ. Though sitting at the right hand of God, He is not removed from His Christians, He is still united with them, dwells in their hearts. Their lives arepart of His life, His life their life, Gal. 2: 20. His life shall be in His believing followers a well of water, the sources and hidden springs of which are in Christ, in God, and which already here in this world bubbles forth into a living stream of good works and finally flows into everlasting life. This hidden life coming down from the throne of God brings a bit of heaven into this sinful earth. Christian homes, Christian communities, breathe indeed a spirit of Paradise, are vestibules of the mansions above. How much more like peaceful, happy Eden would this earth be if more homes, more communities, would give evidence of that life outlined by the apostle in his exhortation to manifest Christian heavenly-mindedness?” Share this on:...

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Global Citizens, Concerts, and Mercy.

Bangla Desh or Bangladesh is probably not known to many people here in the United States.  I won’t rant on our national appalling ignorance of geography and history but you might want to think a bit about places like Bangladesh.  Earlier this month ISIS attacked the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka which shows that group is expanding from the mid-east and moving into Asia.  Places like this may be far from our minds but they should not.  We are all global citizens whether we know it or not. Back in the day just after I graduated a friend of mine went as a photographer from a major news paper and took pictures of George Harrison.  He and others were performing at the “Concert for Bangladesh” at Madison Square Garden.  Bangladesh was a humanitarian nightmare for political, and meteorological reasons. Harrison organized the concert at the request of Ravi Shankar who was a great Indian Sitarist.  Somewhere I have pictures that my friend sent somewhere and I think of that concert every time the rockers and rollers and hip hoppers get some conscience and want to help somebody other than themselves.  As big as the names who preformed were, the concert raised $250000.  That was big money in 1971, but Hilary gets that for one speech at one college today.  The money back then was given to UNICEF which administered it poorly and...

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Emails and Treason – Seriously?

If Russians can read DNC emails can they read emails from a sever in Chappaqua? So Trump says that that have the 33000 emails deleted from the STATE DEPARTMENT and now he is claimed  to be  someone who is  a part of a digital Watergate.  He has committed treason-Really?  If you want to go there please do.  No one invited hacking – they simply said that the servers where probably hacked – if they were, Russia, should please share the results because no one in this country will tell us what they said.  Unindicted conspirators try and hide stuff.  Of course Hilary wasn’t treasonous because she is, well Hilary.  A women.  No women can commit treason can they?  Trump simply said to the Russians  – you have the emails because the Secretary of State was so unsophisticated that she gave them to you – please share it!  Wow, tough to get a handle on that, right? Treason.  Really?  That is like the race card. Play it at your peril. Democrats have been in love with the Russians and their kind of politics since 1942 – whats the issue.? Share this on:...

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