If Russians can read DNC emails can they read emails from a sever in Chappaqua?

So Trump says that that have the 33000 emails deleted from the STATE DEPARTMENT and now he is claimed  to be  someone who is  a part of a digital Watergate.  He has committed treason-Really?  If you want to go there please do.  No one invited hacking – they simply said that the servers where probably hacked – if they were, Russia, should please share the results because no one in this country will tell us what they said.  Unindicted conspirators try and hide stuff.  Of course Hilary wasn’t treasonous because she is, well Hilary.  A women.  No women can commit treason can they?  Trump simply said to the Russians  – you have the emails because the Secretary of State was so unsophisticated that she gave them to you – please share it!  Wow, tough to get a handle on that, right?

Treason.  Really?  That is like the race card. Play it at your peril.

Democrats have been in love with the Russians and their kind of politics since 1942 – whats the issue.?