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Month: August 2016

According to Your Conscience……

This is an info graph that can be found at the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service Website.  LIRS has been working valiantly to get refuges out of Syria.  With all that hard work 10000 have been brought out and 50 of them...

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A True Scandal

This is a banner picture from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.  They have been desperately trying to get 10000 refugees out of Syria.  It has finally happened.  I am surprised and shocked at the details.  I wrote this...

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Survey Says –

Pew Research says that many people don’t go to church because they don’t have time. Don’t go to church because Christians do un Christian things. Don’t go to church because rational thought makes religion...

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Watch Closely.

One if the great comedic inventions of the 60’s was Gladys Kravitz and her long suffering husband Abner.  Gladys lived across the street or sometimes next door from Darin and Samantha Stevens.  Samantha of course is the...

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Consciousness of Transcendant Worth.

  Looking at the Letter to the Hebrews again. The writer is apprehensive that some of his readers may have become indifferent to their Christian faith. This peril of indifference would grow more and more serious as time...

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