This is a banner picture from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.  They have been desperately trying to get 10000 refugees out of Syria.  It has finally happened.  I am surprised and shocked at the details.  I wrote this yesterday and didn’t publish because I was not sure that I had heard or read it right.

Just when you think that there can’t be anymore scandals, 10000 refugees have entered the United States.  They are Syrian refugees and 45 of them are Christians.  You can be as uninformed as you want to be about the immigration and refugee issues that are going on today but don’t be uninformed about the religious structure of this current batch of refugees who are allowed to come here because of persecution.  Anyone who does not know what is happening to Christians in North Africa and Syria are either truly stupid or deliberately ignorant.  How is it possible that out of thousands of refugees who are Christian in camps, segregated camps, because the Muslims force them to leave and form their own camps, our State Department immigration folks can only find 50 to rescue?

The horror of Syria is that Muslims are being terrorized and killed as well, but the plight of Christians is absolutely appalling and must be addressed.

At our last convention  we passed a resolution that we encourage folks to educate themselves on the plight of the persecuted and marginalized Christians around the world and if nothing else we should pray for them.  You might also want to request that your elected leaders educate themselves as well.  I can’t do the math but 45 out of 10000 is paltry.  There are scandals and then there are scandals.  Participation in genocide either actively or by inaction and inattention certainly ranks high.

Our Synod in convention urges us to educate and act to help persecuted Christians.  Call your Senators and Congress people.  Call LIRS – Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services and ask them what in the world is going on?

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