unchristian 3

First let me say that the folks in the picture do not represent my view and certainly not the view of my church.

I just listened to a commercial for the affordable care act that reminded me of the hour long commercials we see late at night.  After all the glories of the new health care act were explained by the community organizer in chief I am at a loss as to why congress does not want to join, or Unions, or the Senate, or the White House staff, or …. but I digress.

A wise man said years ago that we (Christian conservatives) were in trouble because the genius of the Democrat party was that they high jacked Christian language and concerns about mercy and care for the poor while being willing to abort an entire generation of taxpayers that might have paid for their utopian ideals and in the bargain made the Democrat party a religion and not a party.  But of course if we talk about it we are being nasty and mean.  Christians are not allowed to mention thoughts like this.  If we say we are motivated by faith perspectives then our faith is attacked as being exclusive.  If we say we are motivated by economics that is seen as evil.  If we talk in the public square we are accused of speaking in an unchristian manner and yet the accusers have no notion of what a Christian manner is. So here is this…………

“Many outsiders clarified that they believe Christians have a right (even an obligation) to pursue political involvement, but they disagree with our methods and our attitudes. They say we seem to be pursuing an agenda that benefits only ourselves; that we expect too much out of politics; they question whether we are motivated by our economic status rather than faith perspectives when we support conservative politics; they claim we act and say things in an unchristian manner; they wonder whether Jesus would use political power as we do; and they are concerned that we overpowered the voices of other groups.”
―     David Kinnaman,     Unchristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity…and Why It Matters    

The question of Jesus using political power as we do shows the utter stupidity of what we deal with.  But I find it hard to be surprised at anything anymore.  In a country that no longer elects Presidents but hires community organizers anything and everything should be expected.