I was privileged to be with the some of the youth of North Dakota at the senior high gathering at Jamestown last weekend.  I talked with them about the “one really new thing” that Jesus brought into this world (see July 18 and 19).  Pastor Nour, a Palestinian who was born in Nazareth was the Bible study leader and did a great job.  He made a great emphasis on the fact that we are God’s “treasured possession” and what that means for our life and work. I also mentioned the emphasis that the District Presidents of Minnesota North and North Dakota are putting on the Project 24 Rescue centers and making them a “living laboratory” by sending some of our Pastors over there to stay and work and teach at a center for 10 or 12 days.  The reaction was honest when I asked how many would be interested in going over seas and doing something like that.  Several eagerly raised their hands and wanted to go.  About the same number said that they wouldn’t do something like that for all the “tea in China”.  That is the kind of honesty I like.  We are getting ready to put together a formalized package of what this trip would look like – what the cost to the traveler would be; who is eligible to go; how do we choose who goes; what the rules are when they get there; how do they get out in an emergency; what shots and medical needs are there; how to behave in that culture; what kinds of work would be done? etc.  Stay tuned.  I my mind I am looking for a graduate of High School who thinks they might want to be a deaconess or a missionary but isn’t sure.  I am sure that the District Presidents have their ideas as well so wait for it – it is coming.

Jamestown High School Gathering