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Month: December 2017

Fifth Business

Simeon and Anna have been called what folks familiar with plays and drama call, ‘fifth business”.  They are not the tar of the show or the lead or even major players, but they appear at a place and time that make the...

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The Old Canard

Every few years the old story is given a political twist and used to manipulate something or someone.  The story of Mary and Joseph and the a baby born in a stable is used to push some agenda or another usually about the...

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There Might Be Grinches…

  There are twelves days of Christmas and I am not sure which day this is but Christmas is still going on.  I have never paid much attention to the Grinch from the old Dr. Suess book but there might be Grinches; real ones. ...

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Christmas Memories

  A rogue toddler reportedly stole the baby Jesus at a Christmas Program in Tennessee. I remembered something on the way to one of my churches for the Christmas Eve Service.  I happened long ago and I was probably in the...

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Christmas Morning 2017

It was 17 below zero Christmas morning when I got up to go to church. The only other human being on the road as near as I could tell was the snowplow operator who drove by me on a quiet street. It’s kind of fun to drive...

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