There are twelves days of Christmas and I am not sure which day this is but Christmas is still going on.  I have never paid much attention to the Grinch from the old Dr. Suess book but there might be Grinches; real ones.  I have recently heard about a Congressman who I believe has either lost his mind or is a real life Grinch.  After the announcement of the passage of the Tax Bill, AT&T announced that it would be given all of it’s employees a $1000 bonus.  The congressman was so incensed that he called for a boycott of AT&T and it’s products.

Why would a so called servant of the people do something that a few years ago would be political suicide?  Has the idea that all money belongs to the Government and they will dole it out the way they see fit taken over to a point that a good thing, like a raise for ordinary folk is considered a problem, or treason?   What kind of political philosophy must you have to be angry when people either get more money, of get to keep more of the money they have.

Part of the idea might be that like the Grinch, there is a distain for folks who need to make due with what they have while the government can never do without.  Do we really need 17 different intelligence agencies.  Can anyone really argue that we could cut that in half and save that money and that would really be a tax cut.  It may never happen but we have a start.  In the meantime we might have a real tax cut if congressmen like that were never returned to their seats again.