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Month: January 2018

Chepulis, the Chasuble, and Webmaster Mariel

Rev. Mark Chepulis is the Pastor of Our Saviors in Cavalier and St. Paul’s in St. Thomas and Redeemer in Langdon ND.  He was also the chaplain at our convention and organized the worship and devotional services.  He did a fine job.  Great music played by Rev. Daenzer who played the Rogers organ.  On the right running the video is webmaster Marie.  She filmed and live streamed the convention.  She is also responsible for the District website and she is the administrator of this site as well.  Marie Johnson is also the grand – daughter of Rev. Victor Tegtmeier who served as the Chaplain at the All Faith’s Chapel in Grafton for many years. Anyway back to the chasuble.  It was originally a traveling garment in the late Roman Empire and means a “little house”.  It evolved into the primary garment worn to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Pastor Chepulis has an explanation of all the vestments as a part of the worship folder that was really helpful.  Thanks to all these folks for all the hard work.               Share this on:...

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Phantom Speeches and Phantom Opinion and the State of the Union.

Today on the “news” I hear something truly bizarre.  College students were asked what they thought of the Presidents State of the Union.  Of course these glittering gems of American education generally berated the speech and all the terrible things the President had said.  The only issue is that the speech doesn’t take place until tonight. We are also being treated to folks who should know better discussing whether or not “thinking” about firing someone is and obstruction of justice.  Remember these folks were educated in the same institutions where folks listen to phantom State of the Union speeches. It has become apparent over the last few years that the so-called “news” is not really a reporting of facts that have taken place, but a kind a crystal ball into which people appear to try to figure out what will take place. Rather than waiting to actually listen to the President’s State of the Union address we are greeted with questions about what we can expect to be said at the State of the Union address. It is also extremely apparent that the media, rather than being a reporter of news is trying to shape our notion of reality. The other day I was told that I should not listen to my uncles and my dad and my grandpa about their opinion of the NFL and the protests that many people...

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Jesus spoke as one who had authority Mark records in his Gospel. We have a lot of people today who are authorities on just about everything. Authority in our world is someone who has an opinion because your opinion is just valuable as mine. “Free speech” makes everybody an authority whether they know anything about the subject matter or not. Authority also means the ability to act freely in such a way that others are bound to follow you or heed what you say. Jesus spoke with authority because he wasn’t just spouting off his opinion, but he was bringing in the words of his Father. The Word that created the world was speaking to the world.  He has authority because all things were made through Him and for Him and because all things fit together in him, and all things will finally be brought under his Lordship. All through his ministry Jesus was asked “by what authority to you do these things?” The sneaking suspicion that Jesus did have the authority to do what he did and say what he said because he was the Messiah is the essential problem that faced the people of Jesus day. It is the essential problem in our day as well. Either Jesus is who he says he is, or he’s the greatest liar the world is ever known.  C.S. Lewis said Jesus is either a liar or a lunatic...

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Tammi and Kay

Kaye (without the e) has served on various Boards and Commissions over the years and was elected at this convention to be a member of the ND District Board of Directors.  Congratulations.  Kay was also the national President for the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.  Kaye is on the left. Tammi Ulland was recently chosen to be the business manager for the North Dakota District.  This was her first convention and I cannot imagine what it entails to get a convention up and running and organized and keep track of whether I am wearing my voting badge or not.  Congratulations Tammi on a job well done.  You did the voting badge thing so well I took mine home.                 Share this on:...

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Giddings Going to Kenya Project 24 Center

During a break at the convention, Roger Weinlaeder (left), one of the original Project 24 guys, and Pastor Geddings from Cross Pointe in Fargo discussed Project 24 and Rev. Geddings upcoming trip to Kenya to volunteer at the Project 24 Center in Othoro.  Geddings was a Mary Okeyo traveler and has gone back once before and volunteered.  He is also available for presentations and engagements to talk about the work being done in Kenya.  Pray for his travel, stay and return home. I would be remiss if I did not mention that Roger was the one who delivered the Rogers Organ (No relation.)  The Rogers Organ was from Valley Music in Grafton N.D.  If you are interested in a wonderful organ for your church call Valley Music and talk to Peggy Bartunek.  Peggy Bartunek represents Rodgers and Johannus organs.  She is a church organist, choir director, and music educator who, since 1988, has installed over 275 Rodgers digital organs, hybrid organs with new pipes, and replacement consoles for existing pipe organs in churches, homes, and institutions in North Dakota, South Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.  In 2016 Peggy also became an authorized Johannus representative. Peggy will help you determine the appropriate instrument for your needs.           Share this on:...

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