Rev. Mark Chepulis is the Pastor of Our Saviors in Cavalier and St. Paul’s in St. Thomas and Redeemer in Langdon ND.  He was also the chaplain at our convention and organized the worship and devotional services.  He did a fine job.  Great music played by Rev. Daenzer who played the Rogers organ.  On the right running the video is webmaster Marie.  She filmed and live streamed the convention.  She is also responsible for the District website and she is the administrator of this site as well.  Marie Johnson is also the grand – daughter of Rev. Victor Tegtmeier who served as the Chaplain at the All Faith’s Chapel in Grafton for many years.

Anyway back to the chasuble.  It was originally a traveling garment in the late Roman Empire and means a “little house”.  It evolved into the primary garment worn to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Pastor Chepulis has an explanation of all the vestments as a part of the worship folder that was really helpful.  Thanks to all these folks for all the hard work.