“We have been at the shelter for 24 hours now. 5, 000 people here, many sick and elderly. We have EMS personnel on staff to tend to people who fall, or can’t get out of a chair without assistance as well as those on oxygen. There are also police officers, national guard members and disaster volunteers helping where needed. Despite all this help, Roger has been helping people who fall or need help, as well. Such a good man. I forgot to mention the 300 animals also sheltered here.”  This is from Sue Smelser-Lanum, telling of her experiences during Irma.

See left the shelter to go home and found no electricity or water.

“We just got cable back. I am sick, still 29, 000 without power. 25, 000 in north fort myers without power. So much flooding! 90+ degrees humid heat without water or ways to get food because you are flooded. Don’t quit praying and sending aid. The whole state of Florida needs you!”  She wrote this on Wednesday and then later –

We just got our cable back. Have seen the news! So many people without food or water, No power. Flooded, why did you spate (spare) me? I am in shock….How can I serve ? I will give up pay to help the needy… where can you give!!!!!@

The struggles go on.  Please remember these people in prayer and give to LCMS Disaster Response – lcms.org – there is a give now page.  https://www.lcms.org/givenow/disaster

Pastor Smelzer was a friend of mine for years and he passed away a few years ago.  Sue was a cohort of mine in the days when I was an LWML counselor.  She is in Fort Meyers Florida now.