We talked in this blog about Norman Sincebaugh becoming the Pastor in Backus Minnesota.  After he died the pastorate was taken by Pastor Carnicom who was at one time in Great Bend North Dakota (see 7/11/11 blogs).  When I was at the funeral for Rev. Sincebaugh I met Rev. George Krueger who I believe was the Pastor at Walker Minnesota at the time.  He informed me that he was the father of Paul Krueger who was the Pastor at Minot.  Since then I have run into George’s mother and Paul’s grandma at some living facilities in Grand Forks.  Paul joined an ad hoc blue grass group that was attempting to play at the Doublewood in Fargo when our new Synod President Matt Harrison was in town.

When Dahlstrom Motors donated a vehicle for clean-up support in Minot I got in touch with Rev. Paul Krueger, who informed me that his Dad was preaching in Fargo and would be coming to Minot on September 18th.  The vehicle is at Mark Hatloy’s house by Drayton.  Mark is one of the original Project 24 guys and agreed to keep it in his shed until we could facilitate the transfer.  Well it happened.

Just another convoluted way to show how we are all connected up here in the North country.  Thank again Dahlstroms.  Thanks Pastor Krueger for taking the vehicle to your son and God bless all the Pastors in Minot as they seek to care for their people and offer comfort and help.  Pastor’s Roth, Bertsch, and all the volunteers will be in our prayers.