Got this message after Bill’s blog calling Minot a “forgotten City” (Sept 1).  I have gotten a few more guestions like this since then.

Some of us can’t get involved with the clean up because we are very allergic to dust and mold. I’ve battled a sinus infection for over a year and don’t dare place myself there. I could bake and make meals for those working and that could be my contribution. Anyway, knowing many want to help but may be in my situation are there other things that need doing? What about a prayer chain with specific needs, do any of the workers/families ever need baked items? I might be really stretching myself but do they need winter hats/scarves/mittens? Who do I contact to get a number of affected families in each congregation.

We are waiting to get some of these answers – in the mean time call Bill Sharpe at the North Dakota Distirct Office.