The trip to the Dominican Republic was something of a nightmare. Four canceled flights and a hasty trip to Minneapolis to beat the blizzard that was supposed to be coming, unlocking frozen doors with hot coffee and spending an entire day at the airport before finally getting to Atlanta when I was supposed to be in New York. The arrival in the Dominican Republic was a shock just from a temperature standpoint. Worship this morning was at a place that sported a 7 foot poinsettia plant and a lot of ice water.

Once again we are seeing the organic reality that is witness, mercy and life together. We have been talking about how sometimes we have decoupled "mission" from the church, or we have decoupled mercy from the wittiness of the church. Sometimes we decouple witness from mercy. As we continue to look at the four "c"s of conviction, confidence, and competence, we will go back again and again to the organic reality aspect of what we are because of who we are in Christ.