Luther said –

A good preacher should have these qualities and virtues: first, to teach systematically; second, he should have a ready wit; third, he should be eloquent; fourth, he should have a good voice; fifth, a good memory; sixth, he should know when to make an end; seventh, he should be sure of his doctrine; eighth, he should venture and engage body and blood, wealth and honour, in the world; ninth, he should suffer himself to be mocked and jeered of everyone…. Martin Luther (1483-1546), Table-Talk

I got two out of nine.  I wonder what the score means.  I leave it to you to figure which of the two I have.

Continued Blessed Christmas to you all.  Here is my rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Liitle Christmas” from the movie “Meet Me in St. Louis”.  I remember Judy Garland singing this to her little sister while it snowed outside.  When I was in St. Louis it was a long time before we had any snow, but when we did it was a nightmare.  Everyone traveling be careful.  Those staying home, stay warm.

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