In early April, John and three Wolf boys attended a two-day Catechism Club that
brings together orphaned and vulnerable children from all five children homes of
the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK).

The Catechism Club is a joyful celebration that allows children to share their knowledge of God’s Word through songs, dramas of bible stories, recitation of memory work, and fellowship.  Bringing orphaned children up in the church makes
Project 24 (and Christ’s Care for Children-Kenya) different from other popular child-sponsorship programs.

We also received a special visit from Rev Dr Brent Smith of Mission Central. Together with the site manager of P24 Lenkishon and Bishop of ELCK Central diocese, we visited traditional homes, the school and local church that help the
P24 children. May God protect and care for these children.
In Christ,
the Wolf Pack