We asked the question in our last blog, “if we are the “body of Christ”, and each individually members of it, how do we function in the universe in which all things are to be brought into Christ and under Christ? ”  Part of the answer comes from the continually use of the phrase, “in Christ”.  Once again Bartling gives some incredible food for thought.  

“This phrase has a variety of rich implications. Here, as often, it designates that new sphere of existence of the baptized Christian where Christ is the Head of His body, of which we are members. We Christians all have two addresses since our
baptism ~ our house number and “in Christ.” “Christ dwells in our hearts through faith” (3: 17) . It is Scriptural to reverse that and say, “Through faith we dwell in Christ.” He is the true Center from which everything in our life proceeds: our vocation, our family life, our conflicts, our sorrows, our joys, our living, our dying. And it is by virtue of this union, this solidarity with Christ, that we and all of our fellow believers of all ages are the church of Christ, “saints,” and that means the people of God, who constantly enjoy the blessings of God, Spirit-wrought, in the heavenlies.}