Home sweet home

It may be a little hard to see but this picture was taken on a home visit with Deaconness’ in Kenya.  This women’s home was in danger of falling down if it ever rains there again.  I was interested in the cat, but the old women who lives there is propping herself up on the chair to the right and singing a song of thanksgiving.  Why? Because the Deaconess’ had gotten her money to make more mud to build a different newer mud hut.  She was thankful.

Presidents Fondow and Baneck are deeply moved and excited by what they saw at the Project 24 sites, and this women, in Kenya in February. When we got back home they “tasked” me for a special “mercy and mission” emphasis for both Districts. There are so many great things that people and congregations do and we don’t want to quench that Spirit, but we would also like to focus on outward vision as well. What they want to do is build a rescue center “adopted” by Minn North for Witness, another for ND for Mercy. One together for “Life Together”. That is a total of around $150000. Cost of a center is coming up on $50000.

The other thing they are hoping to do is send students and a Pastor over once or twice a year to live in one of these centers, work with the children, teach and go out into the bush with deaconesses and see what real “mission work” and real mercy work entails. One night in the bush with these young women in a hut in the middle of nowhere cooking rice and praying and singing hymns by a hurricane lamp with a widow who literally has no one to care for her or even fetch water for her is a life changing experience that we would like some of our young people to have.

The plan would be to have them pay their way on the ground and get their own shots and medical supplies.

We will get them evacuation insurance.

We, meaning MN North and North Dakota will pay for their airfare over and if they are good, back.

We have a challenge grant of $10000 and we have matched it.  I would also personally like to get a club or a “giving group” together that would be willing to consistently – say once a year give at least $1000 toward either Project 24 or the Project 24 Travel Scholarship fund Minnesota North and North Dakota Districts.

The other thing that the Presidents were especially fascinated by was the “Bible Clubs” where the orphans and other students learn the Bible and the Small Catechism – you can see that on http://abc3miscellany.blogspot.com and put Project 24 in the search engine.  To see the actual Bible club in action go to You Tube – ELCK Children’s Bible Club recites catechism. And/or You Tube – Othoro Project 24 1001 Orphans video.

If you are between 18 and 24 and would be interested in one of these trips please call the Minnesota North or North Dakota District offices.

If you would like to help pay for a scholarship call 701-520-0154.