A huge earthquake in Mexico, and monumental hurricane in Houston and the Gulf Coast, another hurricane heading towards Florida and already beating up the Caribbean and another one close behind it.  Add to all of that there is another book coming out authored by Hillary Clinton.  The disasters just keep coming and there seems to be no end in sight.

Add to the injuries, we have the insults of unctuous politicians urging and reminding us to pray for people who have been effected by natural disasters even as they denigrate and literally attack faithful Christians for their beliefs, one being the power of prayer.  Catholic politicians have been deft at claiming they are faithful  while paying absolutely no attention to anything their church teaches,   A former Jesuit, who also ran as Vice-President is perfectly able to straight faced tell people that his personal faith has nothing to do with public policy and his personal feelings about abortion should not enter into that arena.  That is for abortion.  Interestingly his personal opinions are all over his policy statements on guns, capital punishment, and an entire host of public policy fights.

Keeping some proportion to the Bible’s emphasis upon care for the poor and needy, the homeless, the alien, and the dispossessed, is sometimes hard when those values are promulgated by Government which has become God for many.

These constant calls for justice and law from the political class should remind us what happens when law and justice are called upon to do justice to the Truth.  Check out Pontius Pilate.