When you did awesome things that we did not look for, you came down; the mountain quaked at your presence. Isaiah 64:3
In South Sudan in Western Equatorial State Tambura, there is an old saying of Azande’s wise words, “A great hunter with nets use to die where those nets are.” Because the great hunter makes the nets he will also die where those nets are. Christ Jesus is our defender; likewise we are “all the work of His Hand.” He is our owner; Christ Jesus came down and willingly died for us the sinners. True love often leads to death of your beloved friend; Jesus showed the sinful people of this world, that He truly loved us.
Advent season demonstrates God’s love, promises and fulfillment of the foretold coming Messiah. Advent reminds believers to prepare their ways of life before God and to welcome the promised Messiah. God, from whom all promises are rightly fulfilled, promised from the beginning that our salvation would come through His dear Son, who left all glories in heavens and came down for our sake. Our prayer this Advent is to remember we are but clay and He is the potter, so that He may dwell in us in spirit, till his physical final coming to judge both the living and the dead. Amen