snowy Monday

Last Monday we had a blizzard and I could barely move until Tuesday afternoon.  Today we have a near blizzard and if the wind picks up it will be for real.  I wrote a paper for our Pastor’s “Winkle” (meeting that preachers have once a month in the Circuit) back in January and it is March and I have yet to present it.  The reason is the weather.  This has been one of the strangest winters that I can remember.  Every Monday over the last few weeks we have had a blizzard.  It is hard to see in this picture but it is snowing like mad out there.  I have not seen a really nice Sunday or Monday in a long time.  Every Sunday’s journey between churches has been windy and icy.   I am told by folks over in Minnesota that it is pretty bad over there  too.  Anyway after being in the Dominican Republic this becomes almost unbearable – it is enough.

My wife says that I am starting to sound like her Grandfather as I complain and remark on the weather and how strainge it has been.  I don’t want to hear any global warming pablum either.  I will refer to Luther……………

It seems to me that within the space of ten or twelve years, there have been
such storms and tempests and waters roaring as have never before been seen or
heard. We are to consider, therefore, that although in former times these signs
came singly and at less frequent intervals, now they appear many and frequent.
In our time both sun and moon are darkened, stars fall, distress of nations is
present, winds and waves are roaring, and many other signs are being fulfilled.
They are all coming in a heap.