Big 5 brochure

It is a great idea.  You hook up with “Joyful Response” a Lutheran Church Extension Fund opportunity where they take out a certain amount of money from your “Steward Account” each month and send it 50/50 to Project 24 and the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund.  For those of you up there in Minnesota North who need information about the LCEF Steward Account, or “Joyful Response”call –

George Miller LCEF District Vice President

Post Office Box 604

Brainerd, MN 56401

1-800-482-5022; Ext #107

In North Dakota the LCEF Representative is Bill Sahrpe in the Office at Fargo.

These representatives and the brochure can explain this better than I can but as I understand it, you get to decide how much to take out monthly by deciding which one of the “Big Five” to designate.  There is a certain amount for an elephant, and a lion, a buffalo, a rhino and a cheetah. Remember we talked about the little “glitch” in the December 10, 2012 blog?  The cheetah is not one of the Big Five – the leopard is and so I get to tell eveyone about my encounter with a leopard.  You can read all about it on the January 15 and 21 blogs from 2012.  Then I started called the leopard a jaguar so things really get confused.

Anyway give Bill Sharpe a call at the North Dakota District Office in Fargo and ask for a brochure, 701-293-9001.  This is a joint North Dakota and Minnesota North Project.