Nagercoil sem 3

I blogged about Carnicom in August of 2013.  This is he and a friend at Nagercoil in India.

Ron Carnicom served 25 years in ministry as a second career. Great Bend, ND first call, later Great Bend & First English Fairmount became dual parish.  He took the call to Emmanuel, Backus where our former District President from the North Dakota District, Norm Sincebaugh had served. He was on District Constitution Committee both in ND & MNN. Served on Board of Directors for Concordia Plan Services for 3 terms.  He is presently serving in some capacity on LCEF, not sure what. Pastor Carnicom retired this last Sunday.  Well done and blessed retirement to him.

Two things I remember about Pastor Carnicom.  He challenged the congregation to do something and they did it and so he ate lunch on the church roof.  My second memory is that I was in Nagercoil India wandering around in the dark nn the grounds of the Seminary, which is like a botanical garden and ecological preserve, when a voice from the darkness said “when you get back home greet Pastor Carnicom for us”.

Small world and I pray Pastor Carnicom gets to see more of it now that he is retired.