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KFUO Interview

So I was minding my own business at the convention, sitting in the back of the hall and freezing when Dr. Al Colver the Director of Church relations for the LCMS invited me to join him in an interview conducted by Ron Zwonitzer.  It was an interesting experience.  I can talk about mercy and missions for hours at the drop of a hat, but having the head phones on and having conventioneers walk by and gawk was a bit disconcerting.  When District Presidents come by and make faces it can really be nerve wracking – I don’t want to name names but…….

Anyway Ron was a great interviewer and Dr. Colver and I bounced stuff back and forth wonderfully.  I would like to do it again.  Until then you can check out our churches official radio station and hear the interview at http://www.kfuoam.org/events/kfuo-at-the-2013-synodical-convention/