Last Friday night after the installation of officers and the President of the Church body there was a reception in Koberg Hall at Concordia Seminary.

It was Friday, September 13th and it was a beautiful evening.  It was warm and the crickets and cicadas were singing and there was a full moon that was quite lovely.  My wife and I used to take our dog over the seminary grounds and walk through the huge oak trees.  Sometimes at night coming out of the library I would run into Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom” star and St. Louis Zoo Director Marlin Perkins walking his Papillion dogs.  He was a pleasant man and enjoyed stopping and talking with students.

In the above picture the library would be on the right and there is a reflecting pool and the open door is the entrance into Koburg Hall which held two dining rooms back in the day, and there was a time when both of those dining halls would be filled.  Sadly the student enrollment is down and seminary recruitment is a tough job.  If you know of a young man that might be interested in the ministry point them to Concordia in St. Louis or Concordia in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Named after a German castle that served as a haven to Martin Luther, Koburg Hall once functioned as one of the two original dining halls. The Collegiate Gothic style is exemplified in the high Tudor style arches of the vaulted ceiling and the large carved stone fireplace. Chandeliers and many original stained glass windows provide lighting.