MensCookout-bulletin2Paul Krueger has been on these pages before.  His Dad served many years in Walker and other spots in Minnesota.  Anyway interesting times are ahead or so Paul surmises and so do I.  The culture has definitely shifted and not in good ways.  The anarchist, hedonist, nihilist, weirdness birthed in the sixties has finally achieved apotheosis as the children and the grandchildren of the disaffected anti-establishment become the establishment.  Pastor Krueger asks some pretty interesting questions in the above.  Instead of the old sit-in, die-in, sleep-in, he is having an “out” – a cookout.

Here is his invite –

There are some fast-paced cultural changes in the wind.  Please extend an invitation
to the men of your congregation to join us for the June 24th OSLC men’s cookout.
With ND Senator Dick Dever as our special guest, we will discuss some of these
issues along with the practical aspects of “Navigating a Changing Culture With

Thank you for passing this information to others who may find benefit from the


Rev. Paul A. Krueger
Our Savior Lutheran Church
3705-11th St. SW
Minot, ND 58701