Luther talked about doing what lies at hand.  What he meant by that is that we, in our vocations, rely upon God to accomplish anything and trust in God to receive anything, while working as hard as we can at everything according to our station in life.  Hands and work then become images of giving in labor and receiving from grace.  Hands raised in benediction are all pictures of the hands of Jesus.  Hands that were nailed to a cross and hold the world are good subjects for songs and meditation.

I get a note in an email that Concordia Publishing had put out, just in time for Christmas, a two volume set of companion stuff for the hymn book.  There is background information about the hymns and theological discussions about their importance in the scheme of doctrine.  The are biography’s of authors and a lot of great information.  Anyway the advertisement had the above picture which I noticed and liked but that was about it.  Then I get an email from a friend that said judging from the gown and the stole, this was a picture of my hands during worship when I was preaching at Chiayi, Taiwan.  It was my gown, but his stole that I borrowed. Then I saw the scribbled “conzepts” in my terrible writing under the hymnbook and yep, that is me.

This is another example of Erick Lunsford’s work as a photographer.  Now I am getting hand modeling offers.  The Hymnal Companion volumes would be great Christmas gifts.  Check it out –