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I was a little bit stunned when I ran across this blog. I had googled “freedom” because I am starting to forget what it is, when I came across a blog about a women’s visit to an old church  by Janesville Minnesota.  Interesting, but what I was amazed by was the uncanny resemblance to Trinity in Drayton.  I was interested in the fact that she said it reminded her of her church in Vesta MN because it had the same statue of Jesus.  Immanuel – “Freedom Church” is a Missouri Synod congregation by Mankato.  Vesta is by Marshal and Granite Falls and it is a WELS church.  Trinity is in Drayton ND almost to the Canadian border but there is a serious resemblance.

This  picture is identical to the balcony at Trinity.freedom 1This is identical to what Trinity basement looked like, in fact I thought it was a picture of our basement.  The last picture is an identical sanctuary except for the pipe organ.  These churches were established about 10 years apart in the great mission years between 1870 and 1890.  The traveling preachers were the van guard of those years.  I have always thought it strange reading the letters and documents from those days that called the “Dakotas” the mission field.  They meant what is today Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Montana and parts of Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

If anyone recognizes this architecture in your church let me know.  If anyone knows anything about the pioneers from Trinity and Acton churches and if they had a connection to Janesville Minnesota please let me know.

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