As short as the summers are up here in the North Country, they can be glorious.  If you like gardens and flowers you have to be quick and careful.  Quick to get things planted but careful not to plant too soon because we can have a frost right up until Memorial Day.  After one of the harder winters I can remember we have had a particularly wet spring (see some of the earlier posts).  My wife loves to plant flowers in pots and decorate our back yard, but she hasn’t been able to do that this year.

On June 2 my wife suffered a heart attack and underwent triple by-pass surgery on her birthday – June 6.  After some difficulties she has finally arrived at rehab and is progressing.  If my memory is right she was in bed for 9 days and because of that alone she will have a long recovery.  The outpouring of care and concern of prayer and compassion have been overwhelming.  People have taken care of our pets and mowed my grass; they have paid for a tank of gas and sent flowers and cards and offered to “do” anything to help.  If my International time zone understanding is correct the Kenyan Church Deaconesses were praying for her at the close of their meeting about the time she went into surgery and a prayer circle of women on the East coast were praying for her on a particularly bad day that turned out well.  Pastors Fenske and Buchop in Grand Forks have been wonderful and supporting.  District President Baneck and Fondow have been great.  Minnesota North staff ahve included her in there morning prayers.  LCMS President Harrison has been concerned and on and on the list goes.

Mercy can take many forms.  Money was collected and flowers purchased and most of Fayes pots were planted for her.  She has something to look foreward to and so do I.  When she gets home I will ahve to move and postion them in just the right spots to suit her tastes.  I won’t mind a bit.

Some of the flowers in the back yard