The Father gives himself to us, with heaven and earth and all the creatures, in order that they may serve us and benefit us. But this gift has become obscured and useless through Adam’s fall.
Therefore the Son subsequently gave Himself and bestowed all His works, sufferings, wisdom, and righteousness, and reconciled us to the Father, in order that we , restored to life and righteousness, might also know and have the Father and His gifts.
But because this grace would not be any benefit if it remains hidden and could not come to us, the Holy Spirit came and gives Himself to us also, wholly and completely. He teaches us to understand this deed of Christ which has been manifested to us, helps us receive and preserve it, use it to our advantage and impart it to others, increase and extend it. – Martin Luther

God is about giving.  It is the nature of God to give and hence we respond by giving too.  I took this picture at the altar of a church I preached at in Kenya.  Most of the cash was Kenyan Shillings.  When I was there last, 85 KHS =$1.  So most of the offerings in the plate were about a penny.  But it is the two eggs that intrigued me.  Did one person bring two eggs or is that the gift from two families?  The widows mite comes to mind but that is too easy.  We toss those words of Jesus around too easily – that she gave all she had.  From what I saw at that church and the community that surrounded it those eggs probably represented someones food  for two days.