The Good News is that lots of people are checking into this blog.  The bad news is that if enough check in some of the music can’t play because I am “over my quota”.  Never knew I had a quota but that’s ok.  The music didn’t play for a while so for those who missed it the music catalogue is –

“The Son Rises Here Too”. September 22  – I put this on for David because he says it is one of his favorite songs.

“Fire In The Sky”. August 6

“Fear Not I Am With You”. June 29

Ain’t Know Grave Can Hold My Body Down”. April 23

The other good news is that David Chuchu the project manager for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya will be coming to North Dakota and Minnesota. 

He preached at Park Rapids October 2, and will speak at and attend the Minnesota North Pastors Conference at Lutheran Island camp.  From there he will travel to Bismarck ND and speak at the Pastors conference and Martin Luther School on October 5.  On the 6th he goes to Hannover, Beulah and Dickinson to visit churches and Pastors and see the Badlands.  October 7-8 he will be with the Pastors in Minot and view the flood clean up efforts and then on the Devils Lake and Grand Forks where he will preach at Redeemer on the 9th.  Then on to Fargo and an airplane to wherever he is going next.  We pray God speed and if you are in his neighborhood while here, check him out.  Here is a picture that he sent me of Rongo Rescue Center in Kenya.