I am going to share this amazing story and then give you the bad news at least from my perspective.

Hello Friends, I need to share with someone the reaffirmation of the power of prayer – I hope you don’t mind being my outlet. _________ is a volunteer EMT and was called to an accident site earlier this week, a farm accident and the person injured was an 11 year old boy. Long story short, the little guy was pinned under a tractor on a steep incline for at least an hour. Trucks and large machines were brought in to stabilize the tractor before it could be moved – there was fear of crushing the entire ambulance crew otherwise. The little guy (___) was finally pulled out. The tractor rolled 3 1/2 times down the ravine. The air ambulance from 110 miles away was at the scene with paramedics. As the family was called to see the boy before they put him into the helicopter, one of these paramedics stopped everyone and called them to put their hands on him and to pray. He said prayer was what was important “right now.” The paramedic lead the prayer. _____ said she thought the boy would never make the trip. The boy has many, many hard days ahead of him but he is alive  and expected to live. Prayers are requested for his bruised kidneys.

Would you keep young ____ in your prayers? And would you thank our Lord for the paramedic who had the courage to stop everything and pray!

This is one of those stories that used to make my day and still fills ne with a great sense of the love of God and the care that folks who know the Savior can exhibit in their vocations.

What sickens me and make me upset is that I did not reveal the name of the author, the child, or the hospital where the little boy was taken.  Why?  Because I just heard that there is a law suit being filed that will force sports teams to fire or remove from school staffs, the chaplains.  An anti religious campaign that says that the chaplain are turning a game into “missions”.  Can you imagine a situation in which some one finds out that a paramedic had the audacity to offer a prayer in an emergency situation and deemed it unethical behavior and this heroic individual could loose his job.

Call me a “chicken” if you so desire but I would remind you that I have seen a major church mercy operation “forbid” volunteers in a crisis to pray with the people that they were trying to help.  It was called coercive.  If so called Christian helpers can be so politically correct and brainwashed, what will a true atheist do?

In am not telling you to refrain from prayer.  Please pray for the little boy and that heroic paramedic.  You don’t need to know their names, God does.  However we need to raise our voices in the political realm so that nonsense like the very real scenario I have raised doesn’t happen.