Rev. Larry Harvala is a former President of the North Dakota District and one of those interchangeable parts we talk about that cross between Minnesota North and North Dakota Districts and contribute to our life together.

In his address to the Convention Harvala talked about one of the folks who were not at the convention and that was Bill Sharpe who passed away.  We don’t do eulogies someone said, and so Harvala did not give a eulogy but a commendation to a faithful servant.  In rich and beautiful Gospel language Larry proclaimed the unity of the church and the power of the Holy Spirit to enhance our life together even when we sometimes “step on each other’s toes”.  Toe stepping does not have to be damaging when our feet are “equipped with the Gospel of peace.” (Ephesians 6). Brothers and sisters in the family of God exist in spaces that overlap with one another and cause toe stepping  to happen.  The fact that we are “in Christ” removes the pain.  Folks working together is offices and working on projects can sometimes step on one another toes.  Bill made the work easy and fun and kept the toe stepping to a minimum. He is missed to this day and folks are still truing to figure out all the things he did that will need to be duplicated.

Larry gave a wonderful commendation to a fellow servant that was much appreciated and heart felt.  Thank you.

Bill Sharpe has been memorialized by Resolution 2-07.  All funds given in support of Project 24 – Christ’s Care for Children – Kenya be given in his memory.

You can read more about Bill in the blog from April 11, 2017