A call went went out a long time ago for mission work here in the United States. It was a Thanksgiving sermon on Romans 1:16-23 by Rev. G. H. SMUKAL.  Here is a part if his outline.

We Christians must proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ that, with us, our fellow citizens may repent, thank the true God, and be spared. A. The Gospel of Jesus Christ must reach the individual citizen for his personal knowledge of the true God and for his personal salvation. -We Christians (Matt. 5: 13-16; 28: 19,20) must not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, but proclaim it with boldness. This is our foremost duty to God and to our fellow citizens, and it is the first and greatest evidence of our own gratitude to God for all His spiritual and temporal benefits. -The Gospel is the power of salvation as to the Jew and Greek, so to the American. B. As unbelief is the source of ingratitude, so faith in Jesus is the source of gratitude to God. -We thank the true God, because we know Rim in Christ Jesus. The unionistic services of today, arranged by Modernists, cannot be acceptable to God because of their Christless character. They are a form of idolatry. C. The Gospel does not promise heaven to any nation as such. It reveals to all nations the way of repentance by faith. It reveals the Creator as the Redeemer. As impenitence evokes the wrath of God, so faith receives the righteousness of God through the redemp-tion in Christ. -Let us by word and example lead others to such faith. For Jesus’ sake, for the Gospel’s sake, for the sake of His mercy and truth, for the sake of the righteous, God will spare our nation. Let us renew our missionary efforts in behalf of our nation. Ps. 100.