Kisumu Project 24 center

When I first visited Kenya and got involved in the life of the church there I was excited about the possibility of chicken ranches.  Good stuff.  Raise chickens, eat and sell the eggs, eat and sell the chickens, bag up the droppings and sell for fertilizer.  Good for Pastors and churches and teachers and evangelists and deaconess’ and orphans and everyone wins.  Until the Asia Bird Flu hits and you have to destroy all your chickens.  I remember when that happened I was devastated and upset and someone from over in Kenya said to me – “it’s Africa man.  That’s the way it works.  Two steps forward and one back”.  Got pictures from David Chuchu.

Class room at Kisumu

Evidently a severe thunderstorm hit Kisumu and the Project 24 rescue center that was supposed to be up and running 6 months ago but has had some issues that have slowed it down – like a water well that didn’t produce water and some other problems.  Well it was hit by what I think was a tornado.  I guess at the Equator it would be called a cyclone.


So why one part of the building is a wreck and the other isn’t is a good question.  I thank God that the children weren’t there yet – they are scheduled to start living there in December, but that will probably change now.  So the bad news is one of the rescuce centers has been damaged – the good news it looks like the drought might be over.  “It’s Africa man”.