Just wondering why “my body, my choice” only works for abortion and not for vaccination?  And don’t get huffy with me I’ve had the vaccine.  Just wondering.

Just wondering why gain of function research has run the gamut from being defunded in 2014, as being dangerous,  to touted as the research needed to develop vaccines for viruses and their mutations?

Just wondering why we have to get a special drivers license to use as identification to get on a plane, or need to use a passport, when many are saying that any kind of demand for identification to vote should be illegal and amounts to voter suppression?

Just wondering why, when certain very high elected officials, publicly announce at press conferences that they have been told not to answer questions, or that they have been given a list of reporters they are to take questions from, why the press doesn’t ask “who told you that”?  A good follow up question is who elected them”?

Just wondering, if the definition of stranded is “leaving someone without the means to move somewhere”, but we are not allowed to say that Americans and allies are “stranded in Afghanistan”, what alterations to word meaning and alterations of reality are we in store for in the future?

Just wondering how one transmits a sense of cataclysm generationally?  A twenty year old today was a baby on 9/11.  The sense of foreboding, rage, need to be with loved ones, helplessness, is not easily transferable.  My memory of world wide sympathy is enriched by the knowledge that the Maasai tribe in Africa tried to send cattle to the US in sympathy.    Anyone who knows about that tribe knows the depth of what that offering meant in terms of sympathy and concern. My memory of hatred is enhanced by friends in Africa who related to me their trip to a community center in a remote village that had satellite TV. As the towers went down a cheer went up that appalled my friends. A comment was made that African Christians would suffer the same fate chilled them to the bone.The psychic need to talk to someone was brought home to me by a family who  was huddled together on that day when usually the kids would be off playing sports and the mom and dad working.  The little boy saw me going into the church and ran to me and said, “some bad people flew airplanes into buildings”.  I forget what I said to him but I will never forget his need to talk about it.  How does he convey that feeling today?