We must repent for the fact that we have allowed, or quietly except a totally secularized order of life. It is life that has no Center, because it takes away our soul. It removes from us the understanding that this world will come to an end someday. Secularism is for all purposes a new religion. It is a faith in a single dimension that destroys an awareness or an interest in what is transcendent. It produces what we have been educated to believe is a wonderful state of being, and that is the life of pluralism, and tolerance. Tolerance to the point where thechurch is not even allowed to call sin, sin. We have allowed ourselves to be brought to a point where children and confirmation classes, being taught the 10 Commandments will actually rise up and state that the instructor is trying to hurt their self-esteem. Rather than being ambassadors for a new king and citizens of the new kingdom, we have sought to live under the principalities and powers in such a way that we can keep our king, and our kingdom quietly hidden in a “personal faith”. We see it all around us and yet we are afraid to admit that we suffer from what the Bible calls “a leanness of soul.”