This past month I have spent more time than I ever want to spend in a waiting room.  There was a picture there that I found intriguing.  A girl with a basket of flowers in a vegetable garden.  She stares into the distance, her face aglow with the setting sun.  She has forgotten to close the gate to the garden because goats are standing with her and a couple of cows are obviously getting ready to join her too.  It made me think of the picture below that I have on my wall at home.  A  lone horsemen riding in the snow going around the shelter belt of a farmstead.  My wife wanted this at her funeral if it should be necessary.  No pictures of her – just this image of the horseman. 
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Thinking about that reminded me of the time we had horses and rode quite a bit. That led to the concept of waiting rooms and life.  How many of us live in the waiting room?  We sit anxious and concerned, looking with dread for the next nurse or Dr. to come, or waiting with bated breath for the phone to ring to get the news that the worst has happened or that we need to “do something”.  How much better and more faithful to our confession to “wait in the living room”!  Live your life to the fullest, ride your horses, serve God and your neighbor in your vocation and “wait” on the Lord to give you your blessings and your trials to more faithfully serve him in Christ. 

So I got this from my friend Kay Kreklau a gracious servant of God and an LWML’er.  She is going to Peoria to the LWML convention and is on the ballot for President.

Today I sat in a quiet waiting room. I watched people come and go and life seemed normal. I wondered what “normal” will be in a couple of weeks. Will there be any quiet moments or times to sit and watch people come and go? Saturday, June 25 the LWML voting body will elect a new president. Shari Miller and I are on the ballot. We are friends. We know that God already knows whom the LWML President 2011-2015 will be. He knows the joys and sorrows this president will have. He is equipping both of us for whatever our future will be in serving Him. I am hesitant, excited, scared and occasionally have the the thought “what have I done.” I know God does not lead any of us where the grace of God cannot keep us. For now, I wait and pray “God’s will be done”.

 That’s what I call waiting in the living room.  Please remember the women of the LWML in your prayers this week.  They are a tremendous asset to our church and a great witness to the world.