Habakkuk 2:19
English Standard Version
19 Woe to him who says to a wooden thing, Awake;
to a silent stone, Arise!
Can this teach?
Behold, it is overlaid with gold and silver,
and there is no breath at all in it.

I find it fascinating the amount of absurdity we live with every day and how often it is not pointed out.  “29 police officers injured in mostly peaceful protest” was one of the more absurd things I’ve heard in a while.   Everything to do with mask wearing seems to me to be absurd. It wasn’t necessary until it was,  and those who yammer about it the most seem to get caught not wearing them at interesting moments. Those who refuse to wear them in certain places of course are having folk try to shame them, which is a part of living with adsurdity.  The more absurd the situation the more stringent the need to keep the adsurdity alive.

Absurdity is imposed upon a well ordered  creation in order to destroy it.  The demonic attempt to destroy that which was “very good ”  claims that good is evil and evil is good. It takes good gifts and makes them seem absurd,  while claiming that absurdity is common sense and goodwill.

I always enjoy the common sense of prophets like Habakkuk when dealing with the absurdity of idol worship.   How silly is it to pray to an idol for protection when you have to wrap it up and put it on your camel while trying to escape your enemies?  The Bible calls stuff like this a “deep delusion”.

Delusions are lies an until we have fellowship with the one who is the way the truth and the life,  delusions may be hard to battle. Christ says he came to give us life and to give it to us abundantly, and part of that life is the ability to not be deluded.