luther hammerLuther seems to have been remarkably prescient in one of His sermons.  Knowing what we know from history and especially European history what Luther had to say was eerily accurate.  What is going on today is eerily similar too.

The movement of the Gospel is now among us, but our ungratefulness and scorning of the divine Word, pettiness, and decadence make it so that it will not remain for long. There shall then follow after it a large rabble, and great wars will come later. In Africa, the Gospel was very powerfully present, but the liars corrupted it, and after it the Vandals and the wars came. It went likewise also in Egypt: first lying and then murder. It will also go exactly the same way in the German land. The pious preachers will first be taken away, and false prophets, enthusiasts, and demagogues will step into my place and that of other preachers and divide the church and tear it apart. (Luther sermon on Matthew 24 – 1539)