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Whatever you think of Geraldo Rivera he can come up with a nice turn of phrase.  He called Andrew McCabe guilty of “malignant arrogance”. There are many words that can be identified as a form of arrogance in the Bible, but my favorite comes in Mark 7:22 when Jesus describes the stuff that comes out of the heart of human beings.  The word is often translated as “pride” but arrogance is certainly in play.  The word is huperéphania which means to “excessively shine forth”.  Think about that at this time of the year as we are winding down to Lent and wrapping up Epiphany.  Epiphany is the time we see God’s glory shining forth -(phaino- shining, – epi – forth), in the face of Jesus Christ His Son.  Jesus glory shines in serving and loving and caring.  Jesus glory shines as He makes himself humble and lowly of heart.  He feeds the hungry and heals the sick and lets the blind see and the lame walk etc.  His glory is in mercy and love.

Arrogance is excessive shining forth and McCabe certainly seems to shine with a hyper sense of his own righteousness and arrogance over and against the poor benighted folks that live out here in fly over country.  He is obviously one of those folks who call people like me “smelly Wall-mart folk”, or at least folks like him said they could smell people like me in Wall mart.  Smell aside, the fact is that folks like McCabe are so arrogant they don’t know what they don’t know.  They will shine forth malignantly everytime their arrogance confronts things that are simple and straightforward and I would submit good and true.  That unfortunately has become a political statement.  Those who want to make America great again are considered to be fascists and racist etc.  Making America great is looked upon as hubris when what we are talking about is making America a place where decency and honor and responsibility are exercised for the common good.  Of course Christians would like to see a place where God is glorified and not a place where coveting and desiring what does not belong to you is considered right and proper.

There is evidence in the Bible that Satan fell as an angel because he was malignantly arrogant.  He wanted to be God and became what he became.  Read the list of things that Jesus tells us come from the heart of man and read your local newspaper and listen to what stands for as news today and weep.