The people working on the student learning and mission trip to Kenya have had to fight with school schedules and other issues.  The target date was set for March when we believed that most students had Spring break.  Being disabused of that notion we decided that the first “official visit” would be in June 0f 2012.  Trips last about 10 days which seems to be a good number for our hosts that have to drag us around and for the travelers themsleves.  This is the first part of the Student application form so please check it out and then order the form from the District offices or from me at

Please think about giving toward the scholarship fund.  Send checks to Mary Okeyo Fund for Student Travel  

North Dakota District LCMS PO Box 9029 Fargo, ND 58106-9029

Young Adult Mercy Experience is to give young adults, ages 18-28, mercy experience in working with Project 24 in Kenya, Africa.

Target Date

June 9-18, 2012

 Young Adult Experience in Kenya

  1. These young adults will experience being assigned to a Project 24 site for 3-5 days in providing mercy care in and amongst the orphans, deaconess, pastors, and Kenyan people (the mercy care may include: home visits, Saturday morning Bible School, helping memorize the catechism, personal witness and prayer with the sick and invalid, etc).
  2. These young adults will experience some traveling in Kenya, especially to experience other Project 24 sites and Kenyan culture (experience the cities, roads, food, open markets, the people, landscape, smells, etc)

 Outcomes from this Experience

  1. These young adults will have the privilege of providing mercy care to God’s people in Kenya.
  2. These young adults will have the privilege of experiencing a culture different than their own, thus coming to a greater appreciation of their own culture.
  3. These young adults will have the privilege of growing in the faith as they are spiritually mentored in the Word while providing this mercy care.
  4. These young adults will have the privilege of returning to their District to share with the people at home what God is doing in Kenya through His people.

 District Partnership – The Mary Okeyo Fund for Student Travel

  1. The District will secure round-trip airfare from Minneapolis MN to Nairobi Kenya (approximately $1,600 – $1900), evacuation insurance, and housing arrangements while in Kenya.
  2. District Representatives (District Presidents, Human Care Facilitator, or Project 24 founders) will accompany these young adults in order to provide spiritual care, guidance, and mentorship to them, helping them evaluate their experience, their role in the Church, and how this impacts them personally, their home congregation, the District, and the greater Church.
  3. District representatives will put together a comprehensive packet of materials and resources in helping the young adults prepare for this experience

 Selection of Young Adults

  1. Each young adult desiring to be selected will submit a Project 24 Young Adult Mercy Experience 2012 application no later than February  1, 2012. 
  2. Young Adults selected will be ages 18 to approximately 28 years old.
  3. 8-10 Youth will be selected for Project 24 Youth Adult Mercy Experience 2012.(we want thre traveling groups to be 4-5 so there is some holdover)
  4. The Project 24 Board of Directors will select the Young Adults who will be on the Project 24 Young Adult Mercy Experience 2012.

 Responsibilities of the Young Adults Selected

  1. They will need to obtain their own passport.
  2. They will need to get the necessary shots to enter Kenya.
  3. They will need to secure health care insurance through their own provider.
  4. They will be responsible for their own airport luggage costs.
  5. They will be responsible for their own food costs when no meal is provided (e.g. host homes, invited out, etc)
  6. They will complete the necessary reading material and assignments prior to the experience.
  7. They will need to provide their own spending money.
  8. They will give at least three presentations on their experience after returning from Kenya.
  9. They will be fully engaged in the mercy care experience while in Kenya (industrious, good attitude, fruits of the spirit, cooperative, etc).
  10. They will make a good faith effort to raise funds for Project 24, the Project 24 Scholarship travel fund, or the Evangelical Lutheran Churches Bible Clubs that equal or surpass the amount expended to get them to Kenya. 
  11. They will make a good faith effort to continue to support the public relations, information and witness aspect of their trip whenever possible.

 Please request the application form that has everything that you need to know about shots, medicine, evacuation insurance and the conditions that it pertains to, the relationship with World Mission and a lot of other stuff.