This is a frontage road and as you can see the fields around it have become a lake and the road itself is under water.  The woods off in the distance are under water and the elevators and farmyard there are surrounded by a dike as are most of the farm steads up here in the Red River Valley.  We are accustomed to flooding up here in the Spring and towns like Oslo on the Minnesota side can be surrounded by water for weeks and roads  have to be blocked.  It is a hassle but it is part of life up here in the North.  We are accustomed to it but it doesn’t mean it isn’t scary.

Kaye Kreklau, who is no stranger to these pages told me just before confirmation class last night that her daughter who lives on the other side of the river in Minnesota was experiencing a dike leak and things were pretty scary.  After confirmation I saw folks headed off in that direction with sand bagging machines and other stuff.  Later in the evening I heard it was touch and go.  Now this morning Kay sent me a note –

“Last night highway patrol, Boarder Patrol and MANY others showed up late. They were able to sandbag all the way around on the main
dike. Then they sandbagged around 20 bags high all around the house. The house is secure; they yard is safe. Tim’s been pumping water – the officials said to expect seepage and maybe a few feet of water but to just keep pumping.  Wow. An answer to prayer. Thankful!!!”

Tonight we worship and remember that this is the night that Jesus gave a mandatum – that we love one another as He loved us.  We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper and prepare for Good Friday and the glorious resurrection of Christ.

In the meantime we can also think about the fact that in a world that seems to be coming unhinged there are people who will come out in the middle of the night to help in time of trouble and be of assistance when all seems to be lost.  So for all those who showed up to sand bag and work and get into the mud and protect someone else’s property, thank you.  It is good to know you are out there.