Martin Luther was writing on Romans 14:8.“whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s”  He does an interesting thing and takes off on the word “Lord’s” as used here and says  “Yes, indeed, Domini in the genitive and in the nominative-in the genitive (we are the Lord’s) because we are his dwelling place, his members, and in the nominative (we are lords) because we rule over all things through faith, which is our victory, and because, thanks be to God, we trample the lion and the dragon underfoot”.

God says that because of Christ and His gift of redemption and the forgiveness of our sins we are rich and yet how many of us choose to live poor.  We have all things in Christ and we choose to live as paupers.  We look down on the beggar and the needy when we could be sharing our bounty and blessings so that as Paul says somewhere else, “there might be equality”.

We can even trample the lion.anthill lions