Here is an email from the Mercy coordinator of the North Dakota District LCMS, Paul Krueger.  You will see mention of Dr. Robert Bugbee.  He is the President of the Lutheran Church, Canada.  He is a great guy and spends some time on the 1-29 corridor.


LCMS Disaster Response
Ft. McMurray, Alberta
Wild Fires

The situation in Ft McMurray continues to accelerate in depth. As of today more
than 83,000 people have evacuated this vibrant Canadian northeast of Edmonton.
This is the latest word on the LCMS response from Rev. Michael Meyer, Manager of
LCMS Disaster Response:
Paul, We have been in regular email contact with leaders from the LCC and their
Alberta District and I just got off the phone with the LCC President, Robert Bugbee.
We are currently working with them to develop an appropriate response and may deploy
to provide boots on the ground and in-person counsel. We will certainly let you
know if there are ways that the people of North Dakota can be of assistance. Thank
you for your care and concern!
“Our Lord and Savior Jesus has left us a commandment which applies equally to all
Christians, namely, that we are to render … works of mercy, to those who are
afflicted and in a state of calamity.”  – Martin Luther

North Dakota Lutherans are by their very nature a people of Mercy.  As you have
opportunity I would encourage you to remember our brothers and sisters in Canada
during this unfolding disaster.  Your prayers before the throne of our Merciful
God, as James says, “accomplish much.”
As you have opportunity, please consider gifts or a special offering to the work
of LCMS Disaster Response at this time. Whether its earthquakes, tornadoes, floods
or fires, our church is there with the compassion of Christ.
I will continue to be in touch with the Synod offices and the LCC officials and
share future opportunities with you where the men and women of the North Dakota
District may be of assistance.     – Rev. Paul A. Krueger, ND LCMS District Task
Force on Mercy