We started this blog to tell about the connections and the way our paths cross up here in the North country.  We have so much in common in Minnesota and North Dakota that we took on a joint project to build Project 24 boarding schools and child centers with our partner church in Kenya.  There are many things that we have done in support of mercy work that it is hard to keep track of it all.  We have worked together on disaster relief and helping neighbors in many ways.  Any way I got the picture above from Dr. Al Colver the Director of Church Relations for the LCMS.  This picture was taken not far from his house.

Then I got this –

I spoke with Rev. Ross Johnson, Director of LCMS Disaster Response, this morning
regarding our LCMS congregations and communities in need.  Right now Illinois and
Missouri are experiencing unprecedented winter floods.  North Dakota styled snow and
ice have hammered South Texas, tornadoes have been dancing through Arkansas and
Alabama.  The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is a church of mercy, where local
congregations are active with mercy-driven care in disaster stricken communities.
Currently LCMS Disaster Response is working with four districts in six
disaster-stricken states to alleviate human need.  The great need we see today is an
invitation for North Dakota congregations to assist in our Synod’s mercy-care.  In
mercy our Savior always stepped toward human need.  His church does the same.  In
2011 LCMS members from across the nation supplied more than $500 thousand dollars to
assist North Dakota’s critical flood response.  As church leaders today, I’d like
you to please consider a special offering for LCMS Disaster Response on Sunday
January 3rd or 10th to help meet the current need as our church body steps forward
with the Mercy of Christ.

Rev. Paul Krueger
ND District Task Force on Mercy-Care